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Terms & Conditions


The admission details of the new courses that Police ITI Bhopal is starting in association with private institutions and which is also basically based on the training brochure issued by the police headquarters are as follows,

1 In Madhya Pradesh Police Department Son/Daughter of serving/ retired/late/martyr policemen.
2 Married/Divorced/Widow daughter dependent on police employee.
3 Relatives of serving/retired policemen in Madhya Pradesh Police Department such as (first and second blood relatives) if the seat remains vacant.
4 If seats remain vacant to sons/daughters of employees working in Nagar Sena (Home Guards).
5 Seats vacant for sons/daughters of other uniformed employees working in jail etc. on living.
6 Soldier/Ex-Service man (if not available his son/daughter) as per reservation.
7 Son/Daughter/Grandson/Granddaughter of the freedom fighter.
8 Serving Policemen/ Police Officers (Subject to Departmental Rules/Circulars)

Selection Committee constituted for admission

a Ex officio Chairman/Member
1 Police Officer/ Principal Police ITI Bhopal Samani (Trainee) President
2 Nominated officer from Training Branch Member
3 Deputy Superintendent of Police (Training) Police ITI Bhopal Member
4 The organization from which the MOU has been made, the members and technical staff Member
5 Course Coordination Officer Police ITI Bhopal Member

Age Range

The age limit at the time of admission should be 17 years or more for candidates of all trades.


Time Table and working days

Shift - Theory classes in the morning from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon (lunch break from 12:00 noon to 12:30pm) practical work from 12:30pm to 17:30 pm.

Working days- Monday to Saturday (except 2nd and 3rd Saturdays) the institution will remain closed on every Sunday Holidays except in special circumstances.

This time table could be changed or modified as per the requirement.


List of Required Certificates

No Certificate Remark
1 Schedule/ Mark sheet of 10+2 educational Qualification prescribed for the business
2 Aadhar card
3 Certificate of being son/daughter of MP Policeman
4 Certificate of blood relation of MP Policeman
5 Certificate of being son/daughter of MP Nagar Sena (Home Guard)
6 Certificate given by the department on being the son and daughter of Retired MP policeman
7 Certificate given by the department on being the son/daughter of a policeman (martyr/deceased)
8 Affidavit of blood relation if the parent is a policeman.
9 SC/ST certificate authorized by the government given by the officer
10 OBC certificate issued by the official authorized Government
11 Disability certificate for physically handicapped (Disabled) applicants by the District Medical or Orthopedic specialist in the prescribed form by the Panchayat and Social Welfare Department
12 Freedom Fighter or their sons/daughters, grandson/granddaughter related certificate which has been supplied by the District President (Collector). For the purpose of this rule a freedom fighter name shall be registered in the list maintained in the collectorate of the concerned district of Madhya Pradesh.
13 Certificate given by the Zila Sainik Board in the case of 13 soldiers/ex- servicemen/Para-military forces or their dependents. Serving soldiers should bring a certificate from the officer commanding of their unit.
14 The certificate of being the son/daughter of a subordinate-department employee/ officer has been issued by the head of the office.
15 Domicile certificate of Madhya Pradesh
16 Transfer Certificate (TC) of the last educational institution.
17 Affidavit of gap between studies if there is.
18 Three passport size photographs
19 Training fee, Scholarship, Examination fee, hostel fee.
20 Identity card of MP Police
21 Departmental No Objection Certificate on being in Government service.

Admission Process

  1. Merit list and reservation of marks obtained in the examination of prescribed educational qualification will be given by the selection committee.
  2. First of all, admission will be given to the sons and daughters of retired/late policeman working in MP Police.
  3. If two or more candidates have the same percentage of marks, then the candidate of older age will be given preference.
  4. Ex-trainees will be given admission at the end as per rules in case of vacancy.
  5. Admissions will be sent to the candidate through e-mail or SMS on the mobile number given by him. In case of non-receipt of information by the candidate when the mobile is switched off/net is off, the applicant himself will be responsible.
  6. Applicants will be allotted a fixed date for admission in which it is mandatory for them to take admission. In special circumstances, waiting will be done till 4:00 pm on the second day. In case of non-appearance, the candidate of the waiting list will be given admission.
  7. It will be mandatory for the candidate to bring the original copies of the attached documents for verification at the time of admission.
  8. Original copy of T.C. Police Certificate, Affidavit etc. will be submitted at the time of admission. In the absence of TC, the original mark list of 10 th will have to be submitted.
  9. In case of non-receipt of TC from School, time of day will be given, if TC is not deposited at given time, another waiting candidate will be given admission.
  10. Admission will be given only after depositing three passport size color photographs and all the fees in the security deposit etc. in the account branch of the institution at the time of admission.
  11. After taking admission in one trade, transfer will not be done if the name appears in the select list of another trade. Therefore, the applicants and their parents will not compel the training staff of the institution for this.
  12. The amount deposited will not be refunded incase of cancellation of admission or leaving the training midway.
  13. If the applicant is absent for 10 days without leave after taking admission, it will be assumed that you are not interested in training or you are unable to get training. Therefore, after cancelling your admission, the deposited amount will be forfeited and another waiting candidate will be given admission. If a candidate has been selected in another institution/College, he or she should immediately inform the police ITI so that the second waiting candidate can be admitted.
  14. If the son/daughter of a police working in other state has UP mark sheet or domicile certificate, admission will not be given. If the Police of MP has been posted for duty in any other state, then their son/daughter will be given admission.
  15. If any seat remains vacant after the stipulated last date, then its decision will be taken by the competent authority.

Newly Revised Rules of Admission

  1. 04 percent seats have been reserved for the admission of sons and daughters of late policemen, in which admission will be given on priority basis as follows:

    a) First of all, to the sons/daughters of the martyred policemen.
    b) Thereafter, the sons/daughters of policemen who died due to serious illness/accident during the service.
    c) Finally, after retirement, the sons and daughters of policemen who have passed away normally.

    Note:- Sons / daughters of such late policemen who will be selected in the top ten merit list on the basis of their own merit will be counted in the category of sons and daughters of general serving policemen.
  2. After giving admission to sons and daughters of policemen working in MP police the blood related will be given admission on the following priority basis-

    a) The first opportunity would be brother and sister, wife-husband, nephew-niece, son, grandson and granddaughter respectively of the police.
    b) Second priority respectively brother-in-law, nephew-niece, grandson, granddaughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law etc.

  3. When the candidates are not available, the fixed vacancies will be filled from the blood relatives of retired policemen as above.
  4. Married, divorced and widowed daughters dependent on policemen will also be given admission in police ITI.
  5. Finally, if the space remains vacant, the employees of other uniformed department like Jail, Home Guard etc. sons and daughters will be given admission.

Reservation in Admission MP will be as per the rules of the government

Percentage of reservation in admissions currently in force

No Reserved Category Reservation/Quota
1 Police Officer/ Principal Police ITI Bhopal Samani (Trainee) President
Vertical Reservation
1 Women’s Reservation (Vertical and Horizontal) for the daughter of a policeman 30 percent
2 For sons/daughters of SC policemen 15 percent
3 For sons/daughters of ST Policemen 21 percent
4 For sons/daughters of OBC caste Policemen 14 percent
5 For sons/daughters of OBC caste Policemen 10 percent
Horizontal Reservation
6 For sons/daughters of late policeman 04 percent
7 Those who are (orthopedic, hearing-impaired, visually-impaired) for them each (2-2 percent) seats are reserved. 06 percent
8 For ex-servicemen and their sons/daughters 03 percent
9 For the son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter 03 percent
10 For sons/daughters of staff working in Police ITI Bhopal 04 percent

(Note:- At the time of admission, it will be mandatory to present the reservation related certificate for verification)

Reservation Category Wise (Vertical):-

In case of non-availability of eligible candidates for admission in trade for reserved category, the vacant seats will be filled by converting them to other categories as follows:-

  1. The vacancies reserved for the Scheduled Tribes category will be filled by the candidates belonging to the scheduled castes.
  2. Similarly the vacancies reserved for the scheduled castes will be filled by the candidate belonging to the scheduled Tribes. In case the candidates of these two categories are not available, the vacancies in these categories will be filled by the candidates belonging to the other backward classes.
  3. When candidates of these three categories are not available, the vacancies will be filled by the general category.

Reservation sub-category wise (horizontal)-

  1. For Women-Under the Women’s Policy of Madhya Pradesh, in male ITIs. 30 percent seats have been reserved for women as per the following provisions:
    1. 30% reservation will be in vertical and horizontal category.
    2. If female candidate is not available in any vertical category or horizontal category under it, male candidate of eligibility of that category/class will be admitted, but the seats reserved for women will not be adjusted in other category/class.

    Uniform & Dress Code:-

    1. For Boys: Dark grey color full pant and sky blue shirt, black leather shoes and sky blue socks.
    2. For Girls: Grey color salwar and sky blue kurta with grey color Dupatta, black leather ladies shoes and sky blue socks.

    Identity Card:-

    1. For Identity card, the trainees will have to photograph and submit it to the training branch in the uniform of the institution within one month of the date of recruitment. The identity card will be provided by the institution.
    2. In case of missing the identity card and to get the second letter, an FIR has to be registered in the police stations and photocopy will be submitted to the office.
    3. Strict action will be taken for misuse of identity card after the date of expiry.


    1. In case of absence for 10 days without any information, notice will be issued to the guardian thrice through the office and incase of non-attendance all the deposited amount will be forfeited by rejecting the name from the institution.
    2. Apart from this, the entire amount deposited by rejecting the name of the institution will be forfeited for indiscipline.


    The trainee will have to maintain cleanliness in the institution premises. If found consuming paan, tobacco, gutka, cigarette in class or workshop, fine will be collected.

    Bail Money:-

    1. At the time of admission, Rs.2000/- is deposited as security which will be refunded on completion of training. In case of damage to the goods, the deposit amount will be recovered.
    2. The security deposit will be forfeited if you leave the training midway or for one year.

    Hostel Fee:-

    For the trainees (male/female) who have come to get training from outside, the hostel facility is free in the institution premises itself. But for maintenance, it is mandatory to deposit the minimum amount of Rs.600/- (Rupees six hundred only) at the time of admission.

    Other Facility

    Boys and Girls Hostel Facilities:

    1. There are separate hostel facilities with all facilities for 30 students and 26 girls- who have come to get training from outside.
    2. The amount taken earlier will not be refunded on being expelled from the hostel for indiscipline or on leaving the hostel voluntarily.
    3. According to the reservation for staying in the hostel, first place will be given to the sons and daughters of retired/late policemen working in the MP Police.

    Library Facility:-

    Library facility is available in the institution for the trainees. Trainees can get the benefit of this facility from the library in-charge in library time.

    Play Ground Facility:

    There is a play ground facility in the institution premises for the trainees for various sports. Trainees can contact the sports in-charge during the game period.

    Gym Facility:

    For the physical development of the students (trainees) residing in the hostel and for the purpose of selection in police recruitment, there is a provision of small gym.

    Police Hospital Facility:

    In case of unwell, the trainees and the students residing in the hostel can get themselves treated by getting a form made in the police hospital located near the institution.

    Mess/ Tiffin Facility:

    There is a kitchen in the hostel for food, in which students can cook food or can collect tiffin from the mess of the battalions like 7 th vehicle Special Armed Force Bhopal Mess by depositing the mess cuttings. Students coming from outside can get the goods they need from Police CPC Canteen at reasonable rates.

    Season Ticket Facility:

    1. Concessional Season Tickets are provided by the Railway Department to the trainees doing daily up-gradation from outside.
    2. It is necessary to get renewal after three months. The trainee has to apply for the season ticket to the training branch of the institution, in which it is mandatory to give details like full name, business name and period, date of birth, station to start the journey etc. It is mandatory to enclose the true copy of the previous season ticket with the application by mentioning the number, period, date of the previous certificate issued for renewal/ extension.
    3. It is mandatory for the trainees to be in Institute Uniform with Identity Card while getting up and down from the train every day.
    4. In case of loss of season ticket, trainee will have to buy a new season ticket by paying full tariff fare for the period mentioned.

    Leave Entitlement to trainees:

    All government holidays, local holidays, second and third Saturdays of MP government will be eligible, apart from this there is no provision for giving summer/winter leave at the end of the semester or according to the rules of the skill development department.

    1. Casual leave will be eligible for 12 days in a year. Casual leave cannot be combined with any other leave. The duration of leave will be in proportion to the duration of the course.
    2. On the basis of the certificate issued by the Registered Medical Practitioner/ Assistant Surgeon, 15 days leave can be sanctioned. In case of serious illness, maximum leave of three weeks in one year and six weeks in two year course can be sanctioned on the basis of medical certificate.
    3. If the trainee remains absent for two months due to illness, he will be expelled from the institution. Whose re-entry can be done under special circumstances on the orders of the Superintendent of Police /Principal (ITI)
    4. 10 days special leave will be eligible. In special circumstances, it can be extended up to 15 days in one year course and 30 days in two year course.

Annex (Appendix)-111

Police I.T.I. Bhopal

:: Affidavit ::

I (Name) ................................................................... Father’s/ Guardian’s Name Shri ...................................................... Occupation (trade)................................

  1. I declare under oath that I will be/ training in the institution from 9:30 to 5:00 pm and will be in the institution on time.
  2. I promise to attend minimum 80% classes. If due to low attendance, I am not allowed to sit in the examination it would be acceptable to me.
  3. I will send my problems in writing to the Head of the institution (Superintendent) through my training officer. I will contact the higher authorities only after getting written permission. I will not take part in any kind of strike.
  4. If any case of forgery or manipulation comes to the fore in the certificates or mark-sheet regarding my admission and the admission is cancelled by the Admission Selection Committee, then I will accept it.
  5. After taking admission, if I remain absent for 10 days or more without informing and my admission is cancelled and another candidate is taken in my place on the basis of merit list and the fee deposited is forfeited, then I will accept.
  6. After taking admission, if I do not submit my original TC/Gap certificate/caste certificate/domicile certificate within 15 days and in the absence of certificate, if my admission is cancelled and another candidate is taken in my place on the basis of merit list and the fee deposited is forfeited, then I will accept it.

  7. I will strictly abide by the above rules. In case of non-compliance of the rules, the head of the institution will have the right to expel me from the institution.

Signature of the applicant/ with date
Mobile No. 91-............................... Name-....................................
Occupation- ..............................

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