sbc director
“We need to bring learning to people instead of bringing people to learning.”

Sunday, September 26th at 7:00 pm

Dear Friends,

On the event of the commencement of the new academic session, we, at the School of Broadcasting & Communication (SBC) thank you for your support and trust that you have placed in us.

School of Broadcasting and Communication believes in imparting education aimed towards evolution.

As a seat of learning, SBC aims at developing a distinctive class of media professionals who are conversant with the latest technologies and practices and can deliver with a difference. A new institute, our endeavor is to set a precedent where expertise, experience and ethics go hand in hand. Indeed, our close links with the industry ensure that our students get the necessary exposure in live projects at prestigious media organizations while pursuing their courses in a disciplined environment.

Being in the field of mass communication, we believe that our students must shoulder social responsibility. The ultimate goal of all communication is to create One World. We too, in our own, small, way, seek to contribute to this effort. Hence our motto: Education for Evolution.

Currently, our focus is on an unfinished agenda: an effective, symbiotic and responsible relationship between the media industry, masses and the institute. Development of social citizenship, internship, industry supported project work; workshops and lectures are few initiatives in reaching that goal. We however, wish to seek stronger and direct participations of the 'Media Community', for whom we exist. We have several proposals for the Media Industry, which we believe shall enhance overall social performance. We are looking forward to a positive response from the Media Community to our programs and plans.

Any suggestion, guidance or participation towards this end would be most welcome. On behalf of SBC, I look forward towards your continual support and encouragement.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Tushir S. Choudhary