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Saturday Sublimation

Living life in various aspects and stages, we reach a point where we realize that all we are involved in, all that we used to hold as desirable and precious does not really lead us to fulfillment; we seek peace and satisfaction in various spheres of life but attain it with our set of experiences and exposure.

Experiences which either evolve us as an individual or can devolve us as well, depending upon our understanding and involvement with life.

Saturday sublimation is the segment which is specially designed for our students for enhancing their involvement with life. Saturday sublimation aims at elevating energy levels, evolving students and making them conscious of their own self.

The topics include career, profession, identity, contribution to the society, birth, death, environment, religion, history, spirituality, sexuality etc. The brain storming sessions helps the students to think the topics over and increase the dimensions of their understanding.

Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism

Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examination

University Grants Commission

University Grants Commission