Why Us

Production House (Shambhala)

Shambhala signifies peace that comes from satisfaction. We as a production house focus on work satisfaction which comes from giving the best of the services to our associates. We deal in digital ad films, short films, content writing, documentaries, interviews and much more. We believe that everything in this universe is a form of energy; energy if channeled in the right direction is undoubtedly going to be the master piece.

With the increasing competition, people tend to compromise with the quality and are not able to present their roots (uniqueness) of work.

The creativity is commercialized; the aesthetics of the work is replaced with the catering strategies. The packaging is too pricey that people can't afford easily, these all things have made the market risky and dicey.

Shambhala has come up meeting all these problems with an easy solution and has a fresh vision behind every project taken under the banner of Shambhala.

The sister concern of Shambhala, School of Broadcasting and Communication is a well-established institute of Media studies wherein we employ a group of immensely talented professors and bring innovative touch to our educational designs.

SBC not only contributes to our Manpower, assist us with in-house directors, writers and editors but even our highly innovative students keep our pool of ideas refreshed and new.

Shambhala a place where one gets the divine carpet to walk and the fresh energies to explore with. We are open to all those things and ideas which add some meaning to our existence and invoke the deeper insights within.

Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism

Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examination

University Grants Commission

University Grants Commission